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We have a number of mental health professionals working for Yeshiva who have worked with students who wanted to discuss this issue with them but this is again in a different context. who is sitting on the stage after the four presentations will make a few remarks to give a certain context.

What we WILL be doing is addressing the pain and the conflict that is caused by someone being gay in the Orthodox world.

These judgments are especially important when it comes to men.

It used to be as simple as judging a boy by his kippah, but lately, it isn’t as easy.

Recordings have an unfortunate tendency to enable someone to take out a snippet and then use it for various and sundry purposes. There will be an opportunity for questions, they’ll be written down and I’ll present them to the panelists.

The questions should be to the panelists, not to me.

J-7 for C, 2 for K.''Huge dorks, but are somehow always dating somebody.”“The guy you know it would be nice to date but it's just not shiach (appropriate).”Dating Rating: S-7, J-4“The perfect shidduch (match).”“Prince Charming.”“You'll be checking him out from across the mechitza (divider in synagogue).”Dating Rating: S-7, J-10“The kind of guy you go on Torah Tours with.”Dating Rating: S-6, J-3“He probably goes to an Ivy League.”“Probably attractive.”“The type of guy you would be seen in the cafeteria with.”Dating Rating: S-5, J-9So now that everything has been so clearly broken down ladies, go out there and find a Yosef or Tzvi of your own.

I would like to offer a forum for people to learn and to discuss, but not a forum for people to bash, malign or otherwise hurt others.

Already facing a 0 million sex-abuse lawsuit brought by 34 former students of its prestigious all-boys high school, Yeshiva University on Monday was hit with two more such allegations — one dating back nearly 60 years.

Kevin Mulhearn, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, filed papers in Manhattan federal court saying that he recently had received phone calls from two other former students, who are not yet part of the lawsuit but who offered their own horror stories.

The second: Aww.”Dating Rating: S-8, J-6“Think highly of themselves and only sometimes deserve to.”“The pretentious smirk is actually kind of cute.”Dating Rating: S-3, J-7“Watch out, he's probably been dating someone for three years.”Dating Rating- S-1, J-1“Pretty nebby usually.”Dating Rating: S-6, J-7“Tzvis have such a bright neshama (soul) that you have to look away.”Dating Rating: S-8, J-9”Yaakov vs.

Yaacov.”“That ‘C’ makes a difference.”“Yaacov will take you out to Wolf & Lamb for your birthday, Yaakov will shoot you a text.”Dating Rating: S-9 for C, 3 for K.

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