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Typinator flawlessly imported all of my Text Expander snippets and it *just* works. I used to get the "XXXXX has disabled secure input" that basically disabled Text Expander all the time and none of that with Typinator. The morning after purchasing Typinator I got mail from Smile Software that they've decided to cut their subscription prices to 50% off for upgraders as well as to continue offering support for and sale of the standalone Version 5 but I'm not looking back.

It's too little, too late and Typinator seems to be a superior product anyway.

Their recent switch to a ridiculous subscription-based pricing model made me look at alternatives. The winner of them all is Typinator by a large margin.

If you need extremely fast shell scripting, cursor movement, powerful built-in functions (like regex text replacement), and *mindblowing regex pattern matching as your abbreviation triggers*, buy Typinator.

Typinator was the only app that handled input variables accurately and consistently. Well worth the price in reduced keyboarding time and accuracy." Phil Hubbard in his review at Mac Update.com: "I switched to Typinator for the same reason [as another user on Mac Update] - the subscription plan. FYI, Text Expander users, Typinator has an excellent way to import Text Expander snippets." Paul, Leiden, The Netherlands: "As a long-time Text Expander user, I was unhappy with their new subscription model and decided to use the old app as long as it lasted. Typinator has TE beat hands down in the following areas; 1) it is reliable 2) it is fast 3) it is customizable using scripts 4) it sits in my menubar so I can easily and frequently update a snippet when I want to 5) because it runs as an independent app from the menu bar and TE runs from a different aspect of the system, Typinator is far more dependable in actual use.

Text Expander is super slow at executing scripts (about 5-10 seconds on a non-SSD, about 2-5 seconds on an SSD), which was one of the main new features in their new version.

Speaking of which, their major versions barely add any features and cost an arm and a leg.

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