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They studied as missionary kids in Costa Rica and Colombia respectively, spent ten years in the US for college and teaching experience, and since 1998 have served as teachers and administrators at La Palabra de Vida school in Costa Rica.

Donate John and Melinda Bernard have been missionaries with United World Mission (UWM) since 1989, and John has served as President since 2002.

Pursuing a love of God, the Spanish language, and Latino culture, she went to Mexico for Avance’s summer program in 2009.

Donate Ever since I was young, I’ve had a heart for serving those trapped in poverty.

Donate In the year 1988, God called Hernán and Rosa to serve as missionaries in their own country, founding churches in places where the gospel had not been preached.

As of 2015, they have founded 3 churches and supported leaders and pastors to start 36 new churches in the Colombian Caribbean Coast and 4 in […] Donate We have been ministering throughout the whole world in the area of International Evangelism for many years. In recent years we have been spending our time primarily in India teaching Evangelism and Mission at the Hindustan Bible Institute and College with the passion of helping […] Donate Alan and Whitney have served in Greece since 1995, working among the Greeks, Gypsies, Migrants and women in prostitution.

Donate Jorge and Gail serve in Colombia, focusing on the formation of Bible Expositors on a variety of fronts.

The preaching “minischools”–where pastors as well as laymen and women receive training and mentoring over a three-year period–continue to thrive and multiply in various locations throughout Central and South America.

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Donate John & Bonnie attended LIFE Bible College in Los Angeles before moving to Salinas, California where John worked as a Civil Engineer for 22 yrs.

We are forming a new ministry program that will allow men and women interested in missions to come and serve for a summer, six months or a year.

During this time […] Donate Carolyn graduated from Cedarville University in May 2010 with a double-major in Spanish and music.

Nery’s current ministry focus includes pastoral and chaplaincy work at a local prison. Donate Rod felt the call to overseas missions after a few years at Wheaton college.

Kathy felt the pull to missions after her first year at Wheaton.

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