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They'll be reading 20 scripts on the weekend and they'll never want to write. Remember that feeling you felt when you were cramming for a term paper? " I also had some really good teachers that supported me and inspired me throughout college and high school. Hollywood film stories are about someone who wants something badly and is having trouble getting it. If you can write a script with a clear character, that has a clear, familiar want or need, we'll be interested in that story. The weird thing is that writers have never been trained to be leaders of companies and yet we are given tens of millions of dollars to suddenly setup a company, put out product, and maintain that product.

So, they should be really selective about their day jobs? My best advice to writers is, don't get too secure in your day job. As long as you stay on that path you'll always be working towards what you really want to do, which is writing. I had a Creative Writing Teacher in high school whom I still keep in contact with that really inspired me to write. There are so many people who will tell you that you can't do it. What kind of networking events should writers be involved with? I actually ended up reading management books to figure out how to manage people in the day-to-day operations. One of the most important things about writing in Hollywood that these books won't tell you is about being persistent.

"You know, the last time I checked that sign on the hill still reads 'HOLLYWOOD'... " - Jeff Davis Age: 40 Give us the skinny on your background!

I started writing screenplays while I was in high school; feature film scripts.

From that point it was still a very lengthy, difficult process.Do you feel that living in LA is necessary for a writer? It's a long process to actually 'make it' in this town. I don't know how anyone could ever think that they could become a successful screenwriter or writer in this business without actually living in LA.If you want to become an actor, writer or director...I feel like I did it pretty quickly, but I've been studying screenwriting since I was 16.I've read every book out there on screenwriting and still read books on screenwriting.

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