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Where does a Playboy Bunny go after leaving the Mansion behind?

So I just moved to Las Vegas and completely started over. There were several other really dynamic women in the show.What really captivated me about burlesque was how these women were so sexy, glamorous, and fun — but they were doing it on their own terms. In the world I was in, which was the world of Playboy, I was very fascinated with it, yes.I also thought [Playboy] was sexy and glamorous; however, it was also pretty conformist.The 36-year-old blonde bombshell is back with another sizzling memoir, "The Vegas Diaries," which chronicles her decision to roll the dice, head to Las Vegas, and pursue a burlesque career on the Strip.But this time, Madison, who last year published her juicy tell-all "Down the Rabbit Hole," is now taking more of a comedic approach in exploring what it was like leaving behind her life as an adored pinup on E!

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