What is dating in middle school

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Learn more at: cringe to even put the words “dating” and “middle school” together.

Middle school kids are really too young to be doing anything remotely close to dating.

This learning phenomenon seems to carry over to all teens, regardless of their sexual orientation.

"Parents should take an active role in teaching and helping their kids understand what normal dating behaviours are." By understanding what "healthy" dating is at this age, parents can set limits and protect their child.Kids can get into some highly inappropriate stuff without even trying. Kids need to be told that all of these mixed up feelings are normal.I don’t even want to think about what they can get into if they are trying… Being exposed to highly sexualized stuff can give them some very messed up ideas of what it means to be in a relationship. Kids need to hear from parents that it is very normal to think about members of the opposite sex in a different way. Having lots of good people in your tribe has many positive effects.Kate considers herself incredibly lucky to be a full time mom and also part time social worker and ASD consultant with Hudsonville Public Schools.While at home, she loves spending time with her kids, Cooper and Zoe.

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