Validating data in access

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), vb, forms and queries and i am totally in over my head.What i want to do is actually pretty simple in my head I just cant figure out how to do it in access, i hope some1 can help.Bear in mind that this does not necessarily mean that the data entered will be correct.However it will lie within sensible limits for the values entered into that field.Without a doubt, is the most powerful tool you can use to prevent data-entry errors.With , Access actually tests data to make sure that it conforms to what you want to appear in the table.For instance, I have a table of Categories and their minimum Goals.I am creating another table to hold the actual Goal for each Category that I will set independently each month.

There are actually two boxes that relate to data validation.

you are quite correct my friend, this is exactly what I have done (took me a while to figure out about the relationship view!

) Have not looked into it further yet, but 1 thing i noticed its not very "user friendly" I would like a custom error message as soon as I exit the DX_NO text box field.

Could anybody give me some general advice on the best approach to the following problem: I have a form where users will enter details of projects.

There are numerous fields with dates, values and text etc.

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