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False), or whether English (UK) units should be rejected in this case.

One of the most common use cases is, of course, to add new translation units (TUs) to a TM.We then clear the existing target segment and replace it with the corrected version as demonstrated in the following code example: .Here, we proceed similar to the editing of a TU (see section above), i.e.❖ Member of the Forum Helpers ❖ Experienced Wikian ❖❖ Member of the Wiki Warehouse ❖ Owner of Customhacker's Royal Logo and Banner Shop ❖❖ Member of Unloved Loves ❖ Former Member of the Services Planning Department ❖*Cries* ever since you made that project about Edible Scratch, I've used it non stop.I must be psychic, because today I changed the language back to English without any idea the translation system would change.

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