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I was just about to respond to an older email with results.

Sent from Type App On Aug 8, 2016, AM, at AM, Andrey Meshkov [email protected]: In fact I'd like to get that new log nevertheless (with "Samsung DM Service" enabled). Thought I'd mention that since that's how it was tested.

Adguard [email protected] .341 [pool-4-thread-2] INFO com.adguard.android.e.c - Got app proxy config: host= port=8080 transparent .348 [pool-4-thread-2] INFO com.adguard.android.- Updating widgets for STARTED protection .349 [pool-4-thread-2] INFO com.adguard.android.e.a - Proxy service started successfully.

.135 [pool-3-thread-1] INFO com.adguard.filter.a.g - Host latency is 98 ms .139 [pool-3-thread-1] INFO com.adguard.filter.a.g - Fastest host is with latency 98 ms .141 [pool-3-thread-1] INFO com.adguard.filter.a.g - Schedule next detection after 3600 sec .618 [pool-4-thread-2] INFO com.adguard.commons.utils.h - Initialize Reserved Domains object .744 [pool-4-thread-2] INFO com.adguard.commons.utils.h - Reserved Domains object has been initialized .217 [main] INFO com.adguard.android.service.f - Setting language en, System language is en, from resources en .315 [main] INFO com.adguard.android.- Creating statistics service instance for com.adguard.android. Service Manager - Trim memory 20 called .759 [Thread-1542] DEBUG com.adguard.commons.b.s - TCP id=100106 address=/ Read 1169 bytes from socket channel .802 [pool-4-thread-31] DEBUG com.adguard.commons.b.m - Write 1169 bytes to / .803 [pool-4-thread-31] DEBUG com.adguard.commons.b.r - TCP id=100106 Write 1169 bytes to socket channel .892 [Thread-1542] DEBUG com.adguard.commons.b.s - TCP id=100106 address=/ Read 297 bytes from socket channel .905 [pool-4-thread-31] DEBUG com.adguard.commons.b.m - Write 297 bytes to / .906 [pool-4-thread-31] DEBUG com.adguard.commons.b.r - TCP id=100106 Write 297 bytes to socket channel .001 [Thread-1469] DEBUG com.adguard.filter.proxy.n - Server has accepted new connection on port 52343 .007 [pool-4-thread-70] DEBUG com.adguard.filter.proxy.a - TCP id=100160 Server has accepted new tcp connection.

I guess something wrong happens with that request inside AG.

And there goes the second issue, request is sent from the "system" app which cannot be simply excluded from the VPN.

Recent applications showed Samsung DM Service as a recent app.

Did same uncheck enable you asked for on both system update apps and Sprint mobile installer but failed still.As is the case with Verizon, after dialing *228, you will be pr0ompted to “…press 2 to update…” the PRL file.When running Cyanogen Mod and other third party Android ROMs, dialing *228 brings up a special phone activation app which does not give you the ability to press 2; therefore you are unable to update the PRL file.Socket Exception recvfrom failed: ECONNRESET (Connection reset by peer) .261 [pool-4-thread-70] DEBUG com.adguard.filter.proxy.a - TCP id=100160 Finished tunneling data .262 [pool-4-thread-70] DEBUG com.adguard.android.Filtering Log - TCP id=100160 CONNECT https://oma.ssprov.sprint.com:443 system 162 205 .263 [pool-4-thread-70] DEBUG com.adguard.filter.proxy.a - TCP id=100160 Closing HTTP connection .263 [pool-4-thread-70] DEBUG com.adguard.filter.proxy.e - TCP id=100160 Closing proxy connection context .264 [pool-4-thread-70] DEBUG com.adguard.filter.proxy.l - TCP id=100160 Closing Tcp Connection Context .264 [pool-4-thread-70] DEBUG com.adguard.filter.proxy.l - TCP id=100160 Tcp Connection Context has been closed .264 [pool-4-thread-70] DEBUG com.adguard.filter.proxy.e - TCP id=100160 Proxy connection context has been closed .311 [pool-4-thread-28] DEBUG com.adguard.filter.proxy.a - TCP id=100140 Client has not sent any data to the connection.

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