Updating garmin nuvi 205

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To update maps or download new maps is nearly 2/3 of what the unit its self cost in the first place. Does anyone know where I could get my hands on updated garmin maps free on the interweb?Cheers in advance if so The lifetime maps may seem dear at first, but if you consider that you will get updates for four or five years if not more on them, they really aren't excessively priced.If you customize yours, you’ll need to enter your e-mail address and they’ll notify you when it’s compiled and ready to download. I have a garmin nuvi 205 satnav for about a year now but it doesent seem to have the updated maps like the m6 motorway on it and a few others. Little help though please, im not overly techy so I need a a pointer.You would think that will included on the price, any future updates of the software. No joy though, didnt show anything different on the GPS. Do i need a particular type of SD card or similar for this to work or will the one I have do the trick? Other than that i dont where I am going wrong as I unzipped the files onto the card I have using winzip ang everything looked to download properly.

They also show considerably more detail, judging by my Nuvi’s performance today.

So if this li’l technophobic sidekick can manage it, it’s likely that any of my readers can.

I do the Fed Ex Ground delivery driver thing, and I have an old hand-me-down Garmin Nuvi that I use on my route.

One last question, is ok for me to load multiple maps onto the SD card and then pick and choose which ones I want to use at different times or will it confuse the device if I have too many maps pre loaded onto the Sd card? The maps were excessively "jaggy" (like they were logged from a non-DGPS-capable system, or a drunk driver), many of the Irish-derived placenames out near home looked like a toddler was mashing the keyboard, and I seem to recall that some of the routes it was calculating were barmy and/or impossible.

In short, yes, I could have fixed placenames, etc., over a short radius, but short of going out and driving the routes myself with an accurate GPS system it would have still looked like a drunken spider's web.

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