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(There are stories of Albanian traffickers in speedboats being intercepted by Italian police vessels and throwing women overboard to distract their pursuers and protect their more valuable cargo, heroin.) Some loosely structured commercial sex markets have been forcibly annexed in recent years by organized crime.This happened in Finland, for instance, at the hands of Russian and Estonian mobsters.

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Ancient electric buses screech around corners, raining sparks onto the pavement.Rotaru is often at the airport in Chisinau to meet those Moldovans who manage to get home with her help.In some cases, she goes to pick them up in Odessa, the Black Sea port in Ukraine—Moldova, an ex-Soviet republic, is half-encircled by Ukraine—where a twice-weekly ferry from Istanbul docks. She has short, spiky hair of an unnatural brilliance—Red Planet, she told me cheerfully, is the brand name.If a victim’s family is also present, there may be little or nothing for Rotaru to do. She is dark-eyed, pale, direct in manner, and elfin in stature, even on the four-inch stiletto heels she always wears. Her fingernails are long and curved and painted with birds and animals and musical instruments.She talks on the phone and knocks out memos and documents and e-mails in four languages and three alphabets—Russian, Romanian, Swedish, and English.

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