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Easily control Rovio remotely 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Use any web-enabled device, PC or Mac, mobile phone, smartphone, PDA or even your video game consol.

Spykee needs special software installed on any Windows/Mac PC that you use.

You can control Rovio with any browser (PC or Smartphone), but for sound you still need Internet Explorer on a PC.* Play value: Spykee is a bit more fun!

Good hunting, and if you do go for Rovio, do please tell us how you got it working!

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The navigation system is a bit limited, it only works within 3-4 meters Overall it is a great toy, actually more than just a toy, it is a way of checking your home whilst away.I had read quite a few damning reviews about this little cybertoy and bought it with some reservations but after loading the latest 5.03 firmware it really rocks... Got it here for 125ukp but notice this has now gone up.Great fun, educational, easier to set up than expected, good interface. They have even attempted to bypass Active X with Java - still to try. Hangs only very occasionally and gives you and the kids and idea of what it must be like driving a robot explorer on Mars!You can make it play music and funny sounds.* Movement: Rovio has the edge with the moving camera head and its surprising ability to move sideways.Spykee moves a bit better on rough surfaces and small steps.* Creativity: Rovio is best - if you can program, but it's not a teaching toy.

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