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Presley’s home measures just eight by twenty-four feet.It has a built-in platform bed, built-in shelves, space for a narrow table and a loft that accommodates a queen-sized mattress for guests.Tiny house vacation rentals are available in most states and can be found with some quick online research.In July 2013, the first-of-its-kind Caravan Tiny House Hotel opened in Portland, OR, comprised of six tinies for rent individually or for groups of 20 if rented all together.Codes and permits can be tricky Cities make less tax revenue from tiny houses, so they are not welcome everywhere; building codes vary from city to city and most tiny homeowners have a hard time getting city permits; in January 2015, seniors Karen and Tom Rogers won a board of zoning appeal in York County, PA to keep their 565-square-foot tiny house; the decision is being reconsidered.Tiny homes are frequently built on wheels and registered through the DMV as RV’s, semi-trailers or mobile homes, which don’t have to go through the same zoning or permitting process. Lifestyle changes can be wrenching Want to try before you buy?

Bette Presley, 72, took that idea to an extreme last year when she moved into her tiny house – a 166-square-foot cabin in the small coastal town of Arroyo Grande, California.It’s hard to downsize Not everyone is ready to cut way back on what they own.Will you be able to part with your keepsakes and heirlooms?That house lasted him till the age of 82.” What do you think?Here's where you can meet singles in Portland, Oregon.

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