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It looked like I was either being redirected to the same SVN server again or all the changes have now been fully replicated to the other server (citation needed, I’m not actually 100% sure that current replication is asynchronous and not synchronous). After I have received this error message, I have tried a couple of things: directories) after trying #2 and #3 I have received the same error during the commit phase.

At this point, I ran out of the ideas and I didn’t want to bug the ASF infrastructure team just yet, so I have tried Googling around for a solution.

This was weird, because This resolved the issue and this time I have received no errors while transferring the deltas.

I’m still not exactly sure what caused this issue (there was obviously an inconsistency between a local and a remote state), but I was at least happy I have resolved it and I don’t need to deal with svn anymore.

Please address this situation and get us some SVN integration that works, so we can again start to trust our IDE.[1] Some of the most destabilizing issues:[2] IDEA 11.1.3 (released July 26th) was shipped with version r9277_v20120530_1958 of SVNKit (snapshot build of May 30th).

The incidents of corrupted working copies (causing huge loss of time) and threading-issues just make it almost unusable.

Will we have to wait for another year then to get 1.8 support?

I'd like to point out that: Still, these disruptive issues do not get fixed, and Jetbrains keeps shipping releases of IDEA with outdated snapshot builds of SVNKit [2].

(It’s worth nothing that other project members probably weren’t too happy, because this resulted in ~100 commits and each commit results in an notification email being sent to our [email protected] mailing list.) During those commits, all the files except 3 were committed successfully.

For those three offending files, the server returned an error message which said that those files were not part of the repository.

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