Stop xsplit from updating

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We generally only support versions of XSplit which can be downloaded via our webpage.

We use the following version numbering: [Major] [Minor] [Patch]We always support a minimum of two stable release versions in our website, but once a new patch is released to one of the two stable release versions, the older release version will be replaced.

The latest update in the XSplit 3.1 PTR adds several improvements, most notably native support for the Elgato Stream Deck.

If you wanted to toggle your webcam off across all your scenes, you could do that with one button press if you set up XSplit accordingly.Microsoft just released an update for Windows 10 to address the issue discussed in this blog post. We just got a chance to do a remote session with one of the affected users.It seems that something as simple as just adding Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder filter to Graphedit crashes Graph Edit (both 32 and 64 bit) with following call stack (also pointing to Comp Pkg Sup.dll).Once you have finished authorizing your account, you will be taken to the XSplit Gamecaster start screen.Step 2) Now all you need to do is to run any game of your choice.

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