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Fortunately, we don't need to—we can just estimate that each change is going to require us to reprint a page somewhere.Many edits will actually change multiple pages—but many other edits are reverts, which would let us put back pages we've already printed.all articles, I came up with an estimate of 300 cubic meters for a printout of the whole thing..0,000 per month Six printers isn't that many, but they'd be running all the time. The electricity to run them would be cheap—a few dollars a day.Cut the tile (Image 2) and test the fit without peeling the backing off.Always dry-fit the final tile placement from top and bottom plus side to side so the mosaic lines up properly (Image 3).That means you'd be spending four to five figures per on ink cartridges. Otherwise, in just a month or two, this project could end up costing you half a million dollars: But that's not even the worst part.If, someday, Wikipedia decides to go dark again, and you want to join the protest ...

Measure to figure out the proper size to cut the mosaic in order to fit between the counter and the cabinet.

Of course, that's just a small slice of the best of Wikipedia; the entire encyclopedia would be a lot bigger. Keeping up The English Wikipedia currently receives about 125,000 to 150,000 edits each day, or 90-100 per minute.

Wikipedia user Tompw has set up a page for calculating the size of the whole English Wikipedia in printed volumes. We could try to define a way to measure the "word count" of the average edit, but that's hard bordering on impossible.

You don't want the completed backsplash to be too short or too long.

Remember, you will start from left to right the majority of the time.

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