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According to the...2/15/2016 - Would you eat meat that was 'grown' in a lab?

Several biotech firms seems to think so, and are investing in technology that should make lab-grown meat available for consumers in the very near future.

Attwood is a well-respected vegetarian doctor who at one point owned and operated one of the most lucrative pediatric clinics in the United States.

His practice was so successful that he began writing about the achievements in articles published in the Medical Economics Magazine.

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A recent test by Clear Food, which uses DNA analysis to independently evaluate the actual content of foods, indicates that labels can be deceiving.And now, the UK's Daily Mail reports, experts are noting that not only can the condition turn deadly, but it is becoming more common in regions that...10/24/2016 - As you may know, the Tyson Food company has long been accused of producing chicken meat that is tainted with growth hormones and antibiotics, not to mention their practice of operating their poultry plants like slave labor camps.But now it seems the company may have finally done something worthwhile...10/20/2016 - If you've been thinking "outside the bun" lately, you may also want to be eating "outside the taco shell," because what's lurking inside that "crunchwrap supreme" and the "volcano taco" is only about 35 percent actual meat, and the rest is well ...That's what natural food activist group, the Alliance for Natural Health-USA (ANH-USA), is asking in a recent "action alert" sent to its members.In answer to the second part of that question, yes, it is very likely that the so-called...5/29/2016 - Start talking about protein with just about anybody at work or some gathering, and they say the word "meat' in the next sentence, guaranteed.

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