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Five bullet holes remained in the front window and siding of the 600 block home where TPD says the shooting occurred. Gentle said earlier Sunday she saw several people talking in the parking lot near where the shooting happened.

The show, which will air every Tuesday through Oct.

Following the recent death of Drake’s friend and OVO affiliate Anthony “Fif” Soares, Toronto police have released graphic footage of the fatal shooting in an effort to track down the people responsible for the crime. on Thursday (September 14) when he was ambushed by two gunman after he entered the building’s lobby.

Gary Giroux said Fif, 33, was dropped off at a residential high-rise in Scarborough around 3 a.m.

"This was the opposite of a cold-blooded killing,'' Menendez said.

"I think that the crime scene didn't show that it was cold-blooded, it showed that it was very hot-blooded, very emotional.

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