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"Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match.” This familiar line from The Fiddler On the Roof has a special resonance for the Indian-American community, where marriage is an evergreen topic.Parents of eligible adults are hardly restrained in voicing their anxieties about their children remaining single into their late twenties, thirties, and beyond.

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The arranged marriage, a quintessential Indian phenomenon, is also finding a place on American TV.With most of her friends married, and familial and social pressures mounting, Patel had started to feel the void of the companion she was so keenly looking for.She describes a quintessential Indian mindset when she says, “It becomes so embedded in our heads from the time we are little, that no matter what man I met in recent years, no matter in what context, my mind would immediately think of his marriage potential!We were both able to talk openly and basically hit it off. We were able to talk openly, and enjoyed hanging out with each other.We also had common goals about life and family, and shared many of the same gujarati values and morals.

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