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1430 Met with Paul Edwards at Milton Loch to decide where to site the new goldeneye boxes.He showed us which box the local barn owl was using - source of the recent batch of owl pellets mentioned above.The main sett in the whin bushes opposite the cottage near the river where the spaniel was found is very active with fresh dung, bedding scattered at the sett entrances and at least two tunnels newly re-excavated.No sign of the dog that is still missing (a terrier).

“We want to give young people the opportunity to make informed choices about alcohol and drugs,” said NHS Highland’s community psychiatric nurse for addictions and harm reduction, Joan Smith, who is also the chairwoman of Ross and Cromarty Drug and Alcohol Forum.

Thurs 5th Jan Put out posters for the upcoming Costa Rica talk 1500 We had had heard that one of the two missing dogs (a spaniel) had turned up at a cottage near the Boat of Garten golf course so I checked the badger setts on and near the course.

The annex sett actually on the course is definitely inhabited, with fresh dung in its latrine.

The ground was very stony and it took more than an hour to dig a deep enough hole, so we decided to leave the second box till the next day.

Sun 15th Jan Bea and I ventured out onto the marshy area at Milton Loch to dig the hole for the second goldeneye box, but the site was utterly unsuitable because as soon as the spade penetrated the layer of surface ice it was straight into two feet of water - it would never support a pole with a box on top.

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