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It may be that the time has come for the parish priest to break his silence on that social custom which is the precursor to most engagements and most divorces: the contemporary dating scene. Suddenly, an unprecedented number of young men and women of marriageable age were kept out of the job market, and, therefore, out of marriage. Meanwhile, Hollywood was entertaining them with a stream of more or less lewd frivolities about youthful romance, as the music industry was regaling them with endless songs on the same topic.

Out of this social and cultural situation was born contemporary dating. Parental authority was still a given; Christian values were still dominant.

There were lots of movies to go to because Hollywood was policing itself with decency standards, lots of inexpensive ice cream parlors to visit, and lots of friends to go around with, since not many had cars.

There were few dangers in the system for a young person whose circle of acquaintances came from the parish or Catholic school, and who obeyed parental curfew requirements.

Napier abused children during school plays while waiting in the wings.

He became a senior figure in PIE after leaving the school and had links with Peter Righton, a former social worker and notorious paedophile, whose home was raided in 1992.

The raid revealed hardcore child abuse images and years of correspondence between paedophiles around the world.

While the singles group laments that people are not willing to make a commitment, those who are married seem all too familiar with how to break up. Sociologists suggest that the more people grow up observing or living through their parents' divorces, the less able they will be to make a commitment themselves.

That is eminently understandable: after all, we learn by observation.

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