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An artist of international renown, Professor Hsu has created new pathways for traditional Chinese landscape painting by melding Eastern and Western painting styles with varying degrees of abstraction.

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Elliot embarks on a frantic search for Sharon with the help of her second (and soon-to-also-be-ex) husband.But the intrinsic role they have played in the state's culture and industry for more than one hundred years is much more than eggs-over-easy and coffee.Diners are the state's ultimate gathering places--at any moment, high school students, CEOs, construction workers and tourists might be found at a counter chatting with the waitresses and line cooks.When Duncan becomes smitten with the much younger Meara, will sparks fly or will they both continue to hide behind their wedding rings? Giuliana's Way is the story of a precocious Italian girl who, at 11 years of age in 1941, leaves hearth, home and war-torn Europe and comes to the United States to get an education, become an architect, and realize the American dream.Their story is a bumpy ride filled with love, sex, and desire as well as laughs, giggles and sighs. But an outsize talent for cooking intrudes on her well-laid plans, forcing our heroine to make a conflicted, gut-wrenching decision: barely out of high school, she abandons the classroom for a restaurant kitchen.

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