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If your phone number is not American number, please email me, I can't answer or reply a foreign number. I'm a Registered Nurse working in the hospital and I love it!

Synapse IT is a small and nimble team that strives to provide excellent customer service and support to the organization.

The dog-friendly open office environment buzzes with activity, and employees are just as likely to solve problems over the ping-pong table as at the white board.

With more than one hundred employees at this work site, Seattle Synapsters maintain the traditions of Wednesday Lunch, a weekly catered meal when the entire office comes together to celebrate successes and navigate shared challenges; Beer:30, where Synapsters are welcome to unwind every other Friday afternoon; and a variety of social events in which family and friends are invited to join in on the fun.

Right about then you open a video chat session with a member of the IT martial artists group in San Francisco to help them solve a problem they have been working on.

You also hear what they are up to, and have a chance to share your progress on a new script that will validate full disk encryption is always enabled on Macs when they are seen on the network before doing a design review with the other members of the IT team.

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