Scientific dating of ramayana era dating in columbus

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It proves that the opinions of the Archaeological Survey are not believable. Valmiki calls it Nala Setu, so also Vyasa in the Mahabharata calls it Nala Setu. Valmiki has written in clear words that Nala erected the Setu using trees. I have already published a book in Marathi, “Vastava Ramayana”, which shows the true historicity of the Ramayana, fixing the dates of almost 50 incidents in Rama’s life.Valmiki never says that the rocks floated on water. Rama was a true historic person and Valmiki has written a true history, though he used the form of poetry. He says at 1-3-9 that he searched for the information and then wrote the history.When Seeta was abandoned by Rama, she came to Valmiki’s hermitage.They opined that there was no culture in such a remote past.But now a well-developed city is found submerged under the sea, in the Bay of Cambay, near Gujarath, which has water and drainage systems.Because he wrote history after gathering information from Hanuman, Seeta, Rama etc. Nala intelligently filled up the gaps in that row, with wood and made a temporary bridge.

There is a place called as ‘Diwurungaha’ in Lanka, which means the tree, where Seeta took an oath of chastity. Valmiki wrote this true fact around 7292 years BC, and after 1965 AD such a three branched tree is discovered in the South America, on an offshoot of Mount Andes, near the Bay of Pisco.Various methods have been used, using historical references in the Puranas, language conditions, archaeological findings etc. Vartak from Pune carefully studied the astronomical references in the Mahabharata and corroborated the same with historical and archeological evidences. Vartak are more accurate than the various other dates propounded by other scholars who have been carried away by the statements made by Western scholars. A few have used astronomical methods to determine the time of the Mahabharata. All in all, it is possible to state that the dates as derived by Dr. They have been prejudiced against the richness of the Indian Civilization in the past and have always tried to attribute much later dates and consequently lo denigrate the glorious past of India. Vartak has derived the date of the initiation of the Mahabharata War to be 16th October 5562 B. This proposed date has been examined by a few scholars and has been verified. I say so because I have studied the Valmiki Ramayan for many years and have done lot of research on it.Valmiki was contemporary to Rama and he wrote the history.

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