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Plus, she shows off plenty of PDA with husband Cash Warren on their many trips to St.

Barts and Hawaii — we're not sure if their kisses or her many scorching bikini moments are hotter!

Last night I finally watched it with a knowledge of film and concentration. What the movie tries to accomplish in maturity with regard to subject matter, it loses in the maturity with regard to the construction of the film itself.

The actors are for the most part sub par, the script is obviously an underdeveloped first or second draft and possibly most annoyingly: the film seeks to uplift itself as an intelligent and profound way of looking at men and women.

The writing is brilliant as some of the dialogues induce both humour and chill.

See more » Sway Performed by Dean Martin (1954) Licensed courtesy of Capitol Records Inc / EMI Records Ltd Written by Pablo Beltrán Ruiz (as Ruiz) / Norman Gimbel (as Gumble) © 1953 by E. It can be viewed as a conversational film, a study of characters and a psychological thriller.

Glazer's direction is wonderful as he keeps the viewer engaged throughout the entire 90 minutes and effectively infuses wicked humour and suspense.

If you're a teen movie enthusiast who happens to be above the age of thirteen or fourteen (if such a thing exists), this movie is watchable.

The second time, a few years later, was with my roommate.

We both had the giggles and weren't really paying attention. Imagine "Ten Things I Hate About You" rated R and you have this movie.

Logan desperately wants him to do a job but Gal bravely yet hesitantly turns it down. He easily conveys Gal's complexity and dilemma with pathos. ' Sexy Beast' is one slick wicked little film.

The characters are so interesting, while we hate Logan, we sympathize with his counterfeit Gal who is a retired gangster trying to live a straight life with his family and loyal friends.

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