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Graveyards and Infrared Photography The infrared process Although both silver and iron are required for Kallitypes and Van Dykes, the former is a bit more expensive and labor intensive of the two siblings.

Depending on paper and toning, images can run the range of black, sepia, and beautiful rich browns.

Working with reflected light in the long, infrared wave range can produce images of unexpected results with surreal visual effects.

In a transfer, the artist takes the negative portion while still in development and, using a brayer, presses the image onto a desired surface.

From pinhole to print by Gary Fabbri, Malin Fabbri and Peter Wiklund Becoming a practical printing method by 1873, platinum, and the less expensive palladium process has a rich heritage of which marvelous works abound from scores of well known artists.

Although sensitive to paper choices, platinum/palladium images are highly stable, producing exquisite warm tones.

In most cases, a positive matrix takes the place of the usual negative employed by other processes.

Frequently Asked Questions about the gumoil process The gumoil process What is the Gumoil process?

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