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"A practice relatively unique to Dallas is that non-Asian pimps run some massage parlors and send some of their women and girls to work in massage parlors owned and operated by Asians," the survey reads.Like nearly every other business, the sex trade is increasingly an online transaction.Their seduction-through-conversation begins hesitantly and then becomes erotic. A children’s book I read to my then eight-year old… The right voice can raise one’s spirits, heart-rate, and libido more than any oiled six-pack.There's such a diversity of opinions concerning this book that I can't bring myself to take sides. This short book reads as the transcript of the conversation between two strangers, Abby and Jim, who connect, one-to-one, via a sex line in the early 1990s. As Marshall Mc Luhan said, “The medium is the message.” But reading about voices talking about intimate things… “It excites me quite a bit to tell you that I’m going to tell you.”It is inherently prurient and voyeuristic (but probably tame compared with Fifty Shades), and everything is at at least one remove: you read about the fantasy of hearing, or reading about, or watching other people talk about or act out their fantasies.The survey highlighted several avenues to combat the commercial sex industry, including increased intelligence sharing across law enforcement units, public awareness campaigns, and greater political will in the form of funding for mental health services and dedicated police units."The underground commercial sex economy is still unsettlingly murky, but by shining more light on it we can help more victims to escape the shadows," the survey reads.

Finding each other's voice attractive, they soon switch to a private, "one-to-one" connection. The brain is the sexiest organ, and the voice is a conduit from one mind to another: pitch, timbre, accent, and intonation determine the hearer’s response at least as much as the words themselves.Much of what Jim and Abby do, and the fantasies and past experiences they describe, are both banal and/or slightly strange, but not necessarily in an arousing way.The comical impracticalities of making an image of one’s cock on an office photocopier were diluted by the fact it’s such a cliché.And passé too, now that almost everyone has a smartphone with camera and Snap Chat.At first, I was a little frustrated at how slow it was.

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