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According to Buttar, Johal did not take kindly to the Dosanjh brothers putting hits out on people but never getting involved or doing a contract themselves.

As a result, after allegedly killing Jimmy Dosanjh, Johal went on T. and stated, "This Jimmy Dosanjh, they portrayed him as a hit-man this that.

Some of these groups include the Dosanjhs, Johals, Adiwals, Cheemas, Buttars, Dhaks, Duhres, Bhachus, Grewals and several more.

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He added that young people who want to emulate gangsters like Bindy see the benefits of being a criminal, but do not see the danger of putting their lives at risk.On December 20, 1998, he was killed from behind at a crowded nightclub in Vancouver, British Columbia.Born in Punjab, India, Johal immigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia with his parents at the age of four.Johal enrolled in college but dropped out after his first semester and thus began the start of his criminal career.He built a reputation as a hit-man working for Jimmy and Ron Dosanjh both of whom he would later betray and allegedly kill.

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