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It has a Google-like track record of gobbling up its competition: it purchased Ok Cupid in 2011, and also owns Tinder, a wildly popular mobile app founded in 2012.“Try this experiment next time you’re out for dinner with a group of friends,” suggests Gregory, who is’s UK manager and European director.“It started off as sheer geek territory,” says Gregory. Stigma was high.” Jane Stuart barely told anyone when she set up a profile on the site in 2001.“Back then, there was a sense of 'Oh, you must be really desperate,’” she says.It was free to fill in and provided users with a report informing them how many of the men/women on his system matched their responses. Klien, a somewhat eccentric philanthropist whose interests include cryogenics and the Lifeboat Foundation (an NGO dedicated to the preservation of human life in the event of global disaster), now lives in Reno, Nevada.He has never spoken about the “Matchmaker”, and when I track him down he is brusque and to-the-point.The couple from California are among the first in history to have gone on an online date – and, two decades later, have a long, happy marriage to show for it.

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Freddie wasn’t technical enough to upload a picture, so Bill had no idea what she looked like - which was relatively common in the early days.

The first users of were a motley bunch: all of them tentative; some optimistic, others outright weirdos.

Bill and Freddie Straus, aged 76 and 72, fall into the first category.

Eric Klien, a Las Vegas-based entrepreneur, had spent six months pondering the dilemma of dating.

“Traditional methods of courting and flirting are risky generally,” he wrote at the time.

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