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(Apolitically, apparently.) It’s a move that gives him the appearance of power, and that power is what gives him his fame and makes him, in turn, a celebrity. Her audience knows her name regardless of whether she dashes off a couple of tweets a week about tea and politics. Rowling’s readers overwhelmingly come to her for the story she told first and foremost; everything else is secondary. But for Rowling, it’s a minor distraction from her actual work.That means the Rowling/Morgan feud is only existentially important for one of its participants. Done correctly, the maneuver leads to many people shouting angrily at one another about something vaguely topical, which is more or less “D’you know, my argument against you has always been, you’re not a celebrity,” he said, as the camera pushed in on Omarosa’s shocked and wounded face. Twitter allows Morgan to reenact that kind of power play over and over again. That’s why Morgan was still tweeting about Rowling a week after their feud began, while Rowling hasn’t mentioned Morgan since Valentine’s Day.On his Twitter feed and in his columns, he is the arbiter of what a real celebrity looks like and how a real celebrity behaves. Rowling has thoughts on politics”; it’s doesn’t have political undercurrents — but it’s not the primary draw to her work. It’s what brings him attention and fame and enables his work. For Morgan, this kind of public celebrity brawl is a vital part of how he stays famous and in the public eye.The cruel, mind-bogglingly dumb plan was that Donovan would eventually “find” Shannon, at which point he and Karen would share any reward money offered by newspapers.In December 2008, both were convicted of kidnapping and false imprisonment and given eight-year prison sentences.

By the time things wound down, they had taken the war to cable news and brought Chelsea Clinton, author E. James into the mix — and delighted commentators from both sides of the political aisle had aggregated it all under headlines boasting how their preferred side had “destroyed” the other.

Nevertheless, it was all of a piece with it in a world seen through the prism of reality TV.

“We’re as good as anyone,” Bushby declared, sentimentality oozing from every pore. Karen (Gemma Whelan) singularly failed to look after her own and she, in turn, had no protector: Meehan (Tom Hanson) was a creep and his relatives were bullies.

Should we take her blankness for stupidity, or malevolence? That this miniseries leaves you asking such questions is a mark of its ambition, its determination to be both factual and – another thing entirely – emotionally true. You may have noticed – and if you haven’t, might you be willing to give me a brief period of respite care in your social-media-free bunker? For Morgan, the consequences could ultimately be very serious.

– that one of its presenters, Piers Morgan, is a) a devoted friend and defender of President Trump and b) apt to troll those who are not the above on Twitter and in the columns he writes roughly every five minutes for the . But he won’t be the only one to find himself in disgrace should the gravest calamities occur.

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