Paul dinello and amy sedaris dating

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Believe it or not, for Sedaris—who has no problem looking ugly or silly as characters like Jerri Blank—playing “Amy Sedaris” was nerve-racking.

“ I didn’t know how I was going to play myself until I played those other characters,” she says.

It’s just the most comfortable show to be on because literally, for me anyway. So I don’t know what tricks he’s going to have up his sleeve – what he’s going to change or keep from the format. But then again, what am I going to ask Condoleezza Rice?

“When Paul and I were writing this show, we found that it’s really hard to fill 24-and-a-half minutes talking about something you’re doing.

And I think with all his writers and stuff they’re great.

So there isn’t anything he’s not going to be able to do.

It's only fitting then, that 17 years after the beloved series , a tru TV series premiering today that finds Sedaris in an anything-goes space not unlike her actual space.

"It was important for me to have a lot of my own things around me, so I brought a lot of my stuff to set," Sedaris said on Monday of the studio where she's hosted guests from Stephen Colbert to Paul Giamatti.

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