Outlook 2016 updating cached headers imap

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The new tabs include: Patents, Marketing Targets, Interests, Agreements, Inventor Reporting (for Funding), and Inventors tab.

The ability to run Revenue Distribution from a Technology or Agreement input form has been added.

The Principal(s) of the related agreement can login to the Agreement Portal and submit information and data pertaining to the Agreement Report that is currently due. The underlying Content Management feature has been enhanced to be cached.

The benefit being that all Agreement Portal pages, popup dialogs and searches load 2-3 times faster regardless whether content management is being utilized. The underlying Content Management feature has been enhanced to be cached. When the View Mail button is clicked only the email headers are retrieved when the grid is displayed giving a faster user experience.

This allows features like Managed Lists, Generate Remib Expenese, etc to be available to specific non-admin users.

Easier linked document handling for when system settings is set to linked versus embedded documents.

Please contact [email protected] you need more information about how to add the Subscribe button.

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In My Settings, the user can control which file extensions do or do not open in a new browser. A Non-Admin users security will be determined by the security configured in the users security group.For example an email can be sent from you to a colleague via your phone and using a code in the subject line as [AMTA_123] will allow the email to be auto associated to the agreement with the ID of MTA_123.Hyperlinks can be use to open a specific record in Inteum Web.This is useful if the activities have been replicated out for many years and do to a change in the agreement or patent status the activities are no longer needed.Note If your Technology Publisher templates were previously customized, you may need to modify the templates to add the additional Subscribe button to be used by prospective Licensees on your site.

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