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Has anyone else got this problem or am I the only one? (I should of had a few wines before posting this I'm that mortified! Mines the same, although not sure how it started, wether I shaved n made it worse I don't know! If u didn't want to go for wax you could use a special device that I got from pound land a body emery board. Rub it on area four times one Wat then the other and hair leaves . I been using for years on different parts of my body .

Please tell me I wont be the first woman in history to walk into a salon with a mans butt? I just shave it when I shave the rest I don't let it bother me anymore I'm used to it! But they won't bay a eyelid if you got waxed but know what it feels like if u feel self conscious about it . I shave legs etc but after shaving I use a little olive oil and it starts to thin the hair a little bit by bit and you will notice you don't have to shave as much!

I'd recommend laser hair removal in a salon if it really bothers you.

Not all skin and hair colours are suitable, but it would provide a permanent solution.

I love women navel…I have already two true tiny incidents of my navel another one…there was a servant who worked for more than 10 yrs in my home…her age was around 35-40.I was then 15…she wears very light sarees and tucks her pallu at her waist...

and wanna share my experience, read my experience in the I love navel group.

Just an opinion to let you know not all men like baby smooth skin. Lucy- have you been checked for PCOS and other hormonal disorders?

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the only girl in my civil engineering class in colg asked me one fine day..."so have u ever kissed her, ur galfrnd? An audition for a female lead role in a Telugu film was announced. Unni,the substitute caretaker made the hall ready for the event which is to be held at morning 10.00 am.

She didn’t dare admit her fascination, though, due to her shyness. since 6-8 days i feel to see my mom's stomach,waist..

Living in Japan, it seemed that navel culture was all around her. i noticed that my moms saree slipped,as a result left side of her bare stomach exposed. and he touched at her stomach too and started moving his hand over it. I used to touch her stomach whn i was 4-5 yr old.nw i m 17 since 12-13 yrs,i dd nt evr touch her stomach or nt even noticed.

" ain't too silly not to grab a chance.

so i said.."kiss is a mere thing, i have even licked her navel, u know how much girls like that... One day a girl named Radhika came to our hospital and she was having an unbearable pain in her abdomen.

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