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I was fortunate that I could tour without having a record, and that’s why I did it for many many years. It’s nothing wrong with that, but if you don’t know where you come from how do you know where you are going.

I never had intentions to record again until someone seriously approached me about doing something, and I would hear it everyday from my fans. It’s important that we put it in a place to be respected, upheld, and valued.

is on the way, and we have already been blessed with the hot single “Behind Closed Doors.” Talk about the recording process of the album. Our job is to make sure they don’t forget, and that they have a respect for the music that was here before.

When they are hearing and making music they are hearing our music from before.

With the R&B legends making their big comeback to the public eye with their performance at the 2014 Soul Train Awards, and their new single “Nobody Wins” featuring B.o. Again, don’t go running to Ticketmaster just yet, as these are only insider reports and nothing has been set, but if that is where the talks are going then we can only hope they work this out!

I never thought in my wildest dreams I’d have that level of control over my own career and my destiny. Joe said something to me that stood out, he said ‘R&B artists need to come together like this more often on a united front for the genre to win as you always see rappers collaborating and supporting each other.’ What do you think needs to happen for R&B to really win again?

Johnny Gill: Being in front of people because people tell you when it works and when it doesn’t. I’ve been the top vocalist of the year, and doing what we do I want to continue to do this at a high level. Johnny Gill: I think Joe hit it; I think he’s right. We have to unite and support and keep raising our voice saying don’t forget where we come from.

Now, after 31 years we’ve had some moments (chuckles) unless I can PG it I don’t know if I can talk about crazy tour moments. Can you describe each member of New Edition’s (including your own) personality. So we have to let radio and the industry know there is still a need for it and a market for it. I never abused it and I understood what God gave me. I could sing “My, My, My” over and over again but I’ll never have the magic I had then.

Johhny Gill: (chuckles) The thing that I’ve made a conscious effort since I was a kid starting in the business early on.. I’ve always been the protector watching out for all of my brothers. When I get on that mic I give it the same effort and power no matter if I’m in front of 2 people or 2,000. I was in a time, place, and space that allowed me to interpret what took place.

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