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He is very much shocked by this and decides to send reporter Stacy ...

See full summary » Fishing Naked is a film about four young adults being bad in the woods.

Exploitation films share the fearlessness of acclaimed transgressive European directors such as Derek Jarman, Luis Buñuel, and Jean-Luc Godard in handling "disreputable" content.

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It has been suggested that if Carnival of Souls had been made in Europe, it would be considered an art film, while if Eyes Without a Face had been made in the U.

His mother takes an instant dislike to the wife, and when she finds out...

See full summary » Newspaper editor Arthur Sherwood is on a hunting trip when he accidentally stumbles upon a nudist camp in the woods.

The Motion Picture Association of America (and the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America before it) cooperated with censorship boards and grassroots organizations in the hope of preserving the image of a "clean" Hollywood, but the distributors of exploitation film operated outside of this circuit and often welcomed controversy as a form of free promotion.

Since the 1990s, this genre has also received attention in academic circles, where it is sometimes called paracinema.

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