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CYBERSEX CHAT NOW completely FREE simply by completing the form, NO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED to chat here!If you already have a registered nickname then enter it in the "Nickserv Password" field, otherwise just leave it blank and click "CHAT NOW! Our FREE CYBERSEX CHAT ROOMS are strictly for adults only, so if you are under the age of 18, please leave now!She is a gem, a true gem, and I am one lucky bastard. I had only missed a few Monday night games since I fell in love with the game. "So I can expect your drunk ass to walk in late and not in the mood tonight? Then I said the thing that set the whole night into action: "I'll stay at Tim and Shannon's place tonight, that way it'll be easier for me to get to work tomorrow! I thought it was early enough that she would still be awake. looking for some sign that I know something, something that maybe I shouldn't know. I was at a job site with my fellow sparky's , and we were just cleaning up to go for the day when I got a call from Michelle asking if it was alright to have coffee with an old friend. " she said with a touch of sarcasm in her vibrant voice. I drove up to my house, and there were two cars in the driveway. It was pointless; I was a stone, and I was not giving up anything! Michelle was sitting in the swing with her legs stretched out as far as they could go. One was covered in tattoo while the other was clean. It was as if I had stepped into a time warp or the twilight zone. Not the cheating; the pleasure my wife seemed to be receiving from the two men. Her little grunts of pleasure and the way her boot covered legs looked, her long raven hair hanging off the back of her head, her smallish b-cup breasts with stark tan lines from religiously tanning with the exact bikini every time. I cannot tell you why I wasn't angry; I should have beat some ass seeing this.

What was a little strange was the fact that the living room lights were out. So I headed down, what I saw changed both my life and the way I viewed people and my marriage forever. So for our tenth anniversary I bought us a sex swing. I really don't want you to risk it if you've been drinking! well she was pretty drunk and made some threesome jokes and... It was true that I flirted with Shannon about a threesome, but that was nothing new, I always flirted with all my friend's wives and girlfriend's. I turned over to see my wife scooping up all the jizz she could then to my astonishment she sat back and with her legs spread she smeared it all over her pussy. I knew that she had another man's cock in it not that long ago. I licked and sucked till she was writhing and grinding in my face. " She said pulling out her finger and letting me go. I was actually turned on and soon found myself cleaning her whole pussy.It's because of this opinion that when one comes along you have to jump on it, regardless of the consequences. I work as an electrician and my wife works is a personal banker. Will you call if you are going to come home so you don't scare the piss out of me walking in, in the middle of the night? "Sure no prob, love ya and I'll talk to you tomorrow! We went back to Tim's place where I keep a lot of clothes and a full set of toiletries. I have to admit I never thought anything like this would happen to me. I can't tell you why I didn't last night; I just didn't Second , I left the game earlier than I normally would. So by football standards, it was a very short game and I didn't stay for my usual post game talk with the boys. I drove to the store and picked up a bottle of jack, and her smokes. I pulled up to the house for the second time that night, only this time to an empty driveway, and lights on. Michelle was sitting on the bed reading a magazine. Not like Tim to let you leave without tying a few on! As I thought about it I found my cock getting harder and harder. A man who right at that moment didn't mind sharing. " Michelle asked getting her arms out of her robe, she pushed me back. Michelle is a tall voluptuous woman whose sense of adventure is only equaled by her love of cooking. Many coincidences had happened that night between that conversation and me going home. Third, I didn't call Michelle to let her know I was coming home that night. I looked around for any signs of what all happened in the house. I handed the cigarettes to her then proceeded to undress. She took my cock out of it's confines and began to stroke it, looking deep into my eyes.

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