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The two recently teamed up on Ashley's You Tube channel to give fans a new rendition of the song "What I've Been Looking For." (Which, be honest, we all still know every word to.) As you might imagine, it is In the video, the on-screen brother-sister duo also let fans in on the details about what filming the *iconic* movie was like - and revealed that they actually didn't get along during the filming.(I know, I'm just as shook as you are.) "We were not close.In High School Musical, Ryan is the secondary antagonist, while in High School Musical 2, he acts as an antagonist-turned-protagonist.In High School Musical 3, he functions somewhere between, as a reluctant antagonist.basically made our entire childhoods by premiering on Disney Channel, and if that makes you feel super old (same), don't freak out just yet - because Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel, a.k.a.Ryan and Sharpay Evans, basically just proved our childhoods are alive and well with a reunion.

"It's been 10 years, we can totally talk about this now.

The two reconcile, joining the Wildcats in singing the movie's final number, All For One.

In this movie, you could see Ryan as his own person, and we learn that without Sharpay he is actually as nice as any Wildcat and can work well with all of them.

Ryan and his sister, Sharpay are the children of Vance and Derby Evans, and were the stars of 17 school productions.

Ryan played Little League baseball in Rhode Island before he moved to Albuquerque.

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