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Hopefully the author improves, otherwise I’ll chuck it.

samurai-man (侍マン), also Sam (サム), is an utaite who often adds parody talks in his covers.

• • • To six-year-old Lynn, her new daddy looked like TV’s Ralph Kramden from The Honeymooners. “I don’t remember that we ever lacked for anything,” says Lynn. He punished the children for not cleaning the house well enough or doing enough yard work. “He convinced my mom he was trying to connect with his adopted children,” Lynn says. Margaret’s first memories of Cooper are of a fat man with black hair. “He terrified me.” The family moved to a house on Fern Place, where Margaret was diagnosed with a bladder condition that caused her to wet the bed.

He spanked their bare bottoms with a “big, thick, wide leather belt.” “You became very afraid,” says Lynn. “He’s so much bigger than you, you do it because you’re scared.” He threatened to kill her if she told. He took her to Gage Park for walks, steering her behind trees to perform fellatio on him. When she finished, he’d lock the door, take her to a back room and force her to please him. For that, Cooper “used to beat me really bad.” He would make her stand beside her bed, pants down, while he fetched the belt.

Now, it has all come down to this moment at a medium-security prison in Kingston. ” Cooper shifts his massive bulk in his wheelchair. “You are a lowdown, mean, despicable, evil manifestation of a human being that preys on little children,” Justice Nick Borkovich said in a Hamilton courtroom in 1993 after a jury found Cooper guilty of 16 counts of sexually and physically abusing five girls and one boy between the ages of seven and 14.He’ll kill me.” The teacher rolled her eyes and dismissed the whole thing by saying, “You’re so dramatic.” Once, Cooper broke a wooden spoon while he was hitting her with it. At lunch, he’d lock the door, turn the window sign to “CLOSED” and take her to the basement. “He beat me 35 times with that and then 35 times with the belt. I was blood from the top of my shoulders to my legs.” Margaret prepared to die. Three weeks later, he raped another single mom, threatening to harm her sleeping baby if she didn’t obey.A few weeks after that, he sexually assaulted a teen at knifepoint, telling her he’d been in her house before and would return. I was his pet.” Christine was initially excited about Cooper’s farm. Cooper roused the children at 4 a.m., trucking them to the farm to clean stalls and dole out feed.Adapted to Game Anal Antihero Protagonist Brainwashing Evil Protagonist Fellatio First-time Intercourse Incubus Loli Male Protagonist Mind Control Netori Personality Changes R-18 Rape Rape Victim Becomes Lover Revenge Sex Slaves Teachers Twisted Personality One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream.He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power.

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