Liquidating excess inventory

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If you need to liquidate overstock inventory, we would like the opportunity to help you. If you have components or unfinished packages, we may also have a solution for you.

We buy general consumer merchandise in many categories including toys, gifts, novelties, home goods, ad specialties, promotional products, mail order items, electronics and more.

Anything and everything we purchase is bought on a one-way basis, as-is, hassle-free, with no returns.

When we make an offer, we always intend to buy everything you have of the item.

We encourage you to come to us with product that you are no longer interested in selling through your normal channels. We are interested in purchasing any excess inventory or overstocks you might have, regardless of size – from as little as 2,500 units to 5,000,000 units.

We even want your product for which the license has or is about to expire.

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