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Silver, meanwhile, is approached by the police for information on the vampire world that she may accumulate through dating vamps.

It feels a bit like a modernization of chick-lit combined with vampire romance.Logan’s vampire sire is an evil piece of work, and the spectre of her retribution casts a long shadow over the happy couple, even driving them apart for a while.The police and the vampire powers-that-be both seek to use Logan and Silver for their own agendas, at times pitting the two against each other, at times against their own enforcement infrastructure.Silver, convinced that vampires are the way forward in the dating stakes, joins V-Date.com, a dating website specializing in human/vampire relations.Disappointed when none of her deadly dates compare to her New Year’s Eve hunk, she allows herself to be recruited by a special police division investigating vampires and their potentially dangerous ways. He is sent by his overlord boss to counteract these human ‘honey traps’. Joyce: What distracts you the most when you’re trying to write?

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