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Like Eric, I was reminded of , they both feature intense love affairs that somehow don't work out as planned. His growing bewilderment and sense of frustration at his own helplessness is palpable. Jennifer Connelly matches Crudup's intensity as the effervescent Sarah, gushing with moral conviction. Anyone that's seen that movie knows they were the best thing about it. ” “I did.” In another scene they have this exchange...

She spends a good deal of the movie as a spectral figure haunting the edges of Fielding's existence. Sarah: “I don't want to watch you turn into a cog in their machine.” Fielding: “That's so fucking condescending.

I am the incarnation of your family's fear." Sarah tells him.

He wants to improve the world working within the system and she thinks the whole system is corrupt, but they think they can make it work because of their love for each other. He doesn't know whether or not he's going crazy and neither do we.

The ending is not a good one, but once you consider the journey, the destination seems fitting.

flopped both commerically and critically upon its release, grossing less than half a million dollars upon its release.

The movie then jumps ahead ten years and we see Fielding running for the Senate. The rest of the movie then alternates between the 1970s and the 1980s and follows Fielding and Sarah's developing relationship in the 70s and Fielding's Senate run in the 80s.

As the pressure of his campaign heats up he begins to believe that Sarah wasn't really killed in that car. In the past, their political differences begin to fray their relationship as she starts to get involved in her activist group, all of whom are insulting and condescending towards Fielding and his ambition to become a Senator.

She actually tells Fielding at one point that she hopes he doesn't end up in Vietnam because then she wouldn't know who to root for because he'd be fighting against the side she wants to win.

"You are the incarnation of your family's ambition.

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