Its just lunch dating site dating an australian men

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How is that a person I could potentially call a love interest when my goal is marriage?He was a smoker too which was my top "deal breaker" 2nd date: 11 yrs older than me, different generation - told them I prefer no older than 6-7 years and that's pushing it!class action of filed by plaintiffs against the dating site It' Just Lunch International Inc.According to the lawsuit, the site' customers claimed they were overcharged for allegedly personalized matchmaking services while disregarding daters' stated preferences such as age, employment and marital status, and criminal background.

There were long periods of time between each presented "match". I reported my experience to BBB but still out 00 and mad at myself for getting scammed.

The plaintiffs have also requested .6 million in attorney' fees and ,000 in payment for each of the nine names plaintiffs. If you have a similar problem and would like to be contacted by a lawyer at no cost or obligation, please click here to fill in our form. It's a rip off, and if anyone in California is interested, I am looking into lawsuit. They advertise on TV and radio, which we are paying for. Never got the last date bc account was put on hold due to no activity in my area and dissatisfaction with my service.

Guys, they are trying to get me to sign a contract today actually. Should I tell them I want a lawyer to review the proposed agreement they sent me already? 1st date: Lived 2.5 hrs away with no plans to relocate.

Jewel When it comes to "dating" (or whatever you want to call it), I always try to keep up on all the new and astounding ways to have your heart broken/ wind up on Jerry Springer/ end up in a ditch somewhere with no teeth and no eyeballs. I just can't believe such awful dating service exist and still in operation.

They really need to shut and stop scamming venerable busy young professionals.

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