Interview with dating gurus

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He had a mischievous smile that hinted, "I know." Before the talk, I had been tense and exhausted from studying for final exams.Listening to Yogi Bhajan speak, I became strangely elated, and a headache that had nagged me all day vanished.But the myth of the totally enlightened being has proven to be extraordinarily persistent.Susan Blackmore and James Austin, as hard-nosed and skeptical as they are, believe in total enlightenment, and I still feel the myths allure myself now and then.Curious about Cohen, I did some research and found that his history teems with conflicts and contradictions.Born in 1955, he was a self-described neurotic adolescent raised in New York City by unhappily married parents.

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The subtitle read: "Dedicated to the discovery of what enlightenment is and what it really means." According to its masthead, the magazine was published twice a year by Moksha, an organization founded by a spiritual teacher named Andrew Cohen.Shortly thereafter, when Andrew was sixteen, he was talking to his mother late one night when he was suddenly overcome with sensations of love, awe, and wonder.He "knew without any doubt that there was no such thing as death and that life itself had no beginning and no end," he recalled in his book Autobiography of an Awakening.I cannot recall what Yogi Bhajan said, but I remember being entranced.He exuded an intelligence and self-assurance that seemed superhuman.

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