Interracial dating horror stories

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Three’s a Charm Marc Soto of Nickel & Diner in New York was witness to a particularly crowded first date.

“Once I saw a guy show up to a date with another woman,” he says.

They focus on the most shallow, non-substantive factors as deal breakers… he has to be a certain height, he has to earn 50k to 75k, etc. Happiness for them is quantified in terms of money/material possessions. If they can’t have you exclusively, it usually means no dice. Today it seems as if they want you to be committed to them from the first date…which is ridiculous. it looks like I will have to change that part of my dating profile. Although I think that excuse (used by a couple of women so far) was actually just a cover for the real issue - race.

Enduring and observing the Tinder date is now an established part of the job description for your local bartender—for better or worse.

Here are some tales from the front lines of Internet dating from bartenders across the country.

When meeting a Tinder date for the first time, where do you go?

A bar across town where you’re less likely to run into people you know? Somewhere intimate that will impress your date, somewhere you can be alone?

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