How to use cursors for updating in pl sql

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Because explicit cursors are so flexible, you can choose from different notations depending on your needs.

The following sections describe all the query-processing features that explicit cursors provide.

You can manipulate Oracle data flexibly and safely because PL/SQL fully supports all SQL data manipulation statements (except ), transaction control statements, functions, pseudocolumns, and operators.

PL/SQL also supports dynamic SQL, which enables you to execute SQL data definition, data control, and session control statements dynamically.

Thus, any TCL operation on the cursor record set has to be done only after fetching all the rows from the cursor context area using a loop process similar to the above listing example.

The row limiting clause introduced in the Oracle version 12c, Fetch First ..

If your program fails in the middle of a transaction, Oracle detects the error and rolls back the transaction, restoring the database to its former state.

After a TCL operation is performed, the cursor pointer gets reset and the cursor will be no longer accessible, thus results in an error when fetched further as shown below.In addition, PL/SQL conforms to the current ANSI/ISO SQL standard.statements might credit one bank account and debit another.INSERT INTO emp VALUES emp_rec; -- The fields of a %ROWTYPE can completely replace the table columns.UPDATE emp SET ROW = emp_rec WHERE eno = 100; END; / statements in SQL) and access individual fields or entire rows from the result set.

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