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D.) Little Ice Age — which had the coldest temperatures of the last 10,000 years. when global temperatures were apparently somewhat warmer than at present. The vine bloom was two weeks earlier than in 1893- the most advanced year within the instrumental period.” “The comparison of the phenophases in 14 with the corresponding extremes documented with thermometrical evidence suggests that. [I]n 12 the early burgundy grapes were ripe at about the same time as in 1540, whereas in 1331 the ripening of the first cherries in Western France and the beginning of the wine harvest in Paris coincided roughly with the corresponding phenophases in 1420.” “In 1420 the first ‘new wine’ from these grapes was drunk at the beginning of August, in 1540 on August 15, about twenty days before the wine harvest was opened.

In other words, there is nothing unusual, unprecedented, or remarkable — let alone “catastrophically fast” — about either the pace or degree of warmth in the modern climate. Its effects were evident in Europe where grain crops flourished, alpine tree lines rose, many new cities arose, and the population more than doubled. If this delay was the same in ordinary years, the mean grape harvest date would be around September 1st in the High Middle Ages, which is a few days earlier than in the warmest summers documented with thermometric measurement.

You're browsing the Game FAQs Message Boards as a guest. Blue Event 2: "Thud" on the Road To Trigger: Enter town ward 2. She asks if you like them despite all the work involved. Julia is a little sad and wonders if the dog actually will return home. Julia says she needs to get on with her work and returns home.

Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. You must have answered incorrectly during her purple event. Blue Heart: Suspicious Behavior To trigger: Mirabelle's shop in the morning. You seem to think that she was hiding something in the bookshelf, but Julia quickly says that she wasn't. Ask her if she's secretly saving some money (option 1) and Julia will admit that she is. Promise to keep quiet (option 1) and Julia will thank you and tell you that she's saving up some money to buy her mother a gift. Lanna will be humming to herself why deciding what to wear when going out for the day. You must comment about her being in an extra good mood, because Lanna tells you that she's in a very good mood today!

You must have answered correctly in the second Blue heart event. You must have answered incorrectly in the second Blue event. Purple Heart: Animal Lover Julia To Trigger: Go west from town 1 into the forest. She tells you that she often sees this dog in the forest and likes to play with him.

(Go [with her, somewhere, evidently].) Yellow Heart 1: The Ideal Ranch? You must have answered incorrectly in Chelsea's first Blue event. Answer with option 1:(There are no days off.)Yellow Heart 3: Chelsea's Invitation To Trigger: Your house. Answer Incorrectly: Chelsea -2000 LP, but you can still proceed directly to the Red heart event (if you want to marry her). ) Yellow Heart 4: Disillusioned To Trigger: Your house. On weekends, she often walks around the beach or the cafe/diner/hotel areas.

They're not impressed by Lanna's singing ability, but not willing to outright tell her so. Answer Incorrectly: Lanna -2000 LP, but you can still proceed directly to the Red event (if you want to marry her). She wants people to know more about her and her career. You automatically tell her that she shouldn't be so nervous. She admits that she has a bad habit of working herself up too much before she does anything public. You go outside and help her count the things in the shipping box.

If you choose to be Mark instead of Chelsea, then Chelsea will become of the characters available for marriage. Purple Heart: Farm Inspection To Trigger: Enter your house at noon Answer Correctly: Chelsea 3000 LP. Say you'd get something she would like (option 2: "The other one") and Natalie will agree that would be the best. To trigger: Requirements are the same for all the girls. Currently living on the island taking a break from her pop stardom. Blue Heart 1: Lanna's Singing Voice To trigger: Go across from forest into main part of town during 5pm or so. When she's done, she'll say that it felt great putting such strength into her singing! You automatically ask her why she's still at home, and she tells you it's her job to make a record of all the things they're going to ship each day before they ship them out.

Instead of climate change happening on timescales of millions of years or 15,000 years, it’s happening on the timescale of decades, and now years. Apparently Bill Nye believes it is quite unusual to grow grapes in England.

news program, mechanical engineer Bill Nye claimed that the settled science says humans have been warming the planet at a rate that is unnaturally and “catastrophically” fast since the year 1750 . The speed that climate change is happening is caused by humans.

Elliot gets mad and tells her this isn't about him! Tell them they're both correct (option 3) and they'll both be annoyed.

Natalie cuts him off and tells him that he's being annoying. Ferena finally has had enough and tells them both to be quiet. Elliot then spots you and suggests that you settle their dispute! But then Taro speaks up and tells them to shape up.

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