Harry potter fanfiction fred and hermione dating

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You might wonder why I don't use my wandless magic to escape.I can leave my cell, but a series of wards and magical suppressors keep me in the block. I suspect Dumbledore managed to turn the Blood wards inwards.When I try to walk towards the block door, it disappears.I think the suppressors prevent me from bringing it down. So, I generally stay in the cell with the door closed, if not locked.But the most important thing was you never, never, never, NEVER want to see a dementor without its robes. Since then, the dementors give my cell a wide birth. They don't stay for long but something of their positive energy lingers.It helps push back the darkness, both the prisons and my own. I think my good mood tends to piss off the human guards that wander through every now and then.

This was an experiment in writing for me that I wanted to have a bit of fun with.

According to the marks on my wall, I have been here for 529 days.

I think that is fairly accurate, but the dementors used to gather outside my cell.

Once the ten months were up, it was back to my prison. Does freedom really count when it is a mere delusion? I opened my eyes to see the hall outside my cell filled with the damned creatures.

The jailors in this place have a cruel sense of humour. They don't know he was innocent so they taunt me with the thought I am in the cell that once held my parents' 'betrayer'. I think the whole compliment on this forsaken rock was there.

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