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Friends of the Blues - Making a difference Sponsored by Cooper Beard Residential Sales The Trustees of the Friends of the Blues (which runs separately from Bedford Blues Ltd.) invite you to take part in this rewarding and enjoyable scheme. It's sad to say farewell, but far better that we show Mike we appreciate his efforts as we do so.The Friends of the Blues fund is now fairly familiar to most club supporters and has an income that makes a substantial difference to the club. There will be a host of Blues legends on show and a festival of running rugby is promised. They are Paul Rostron Brian Harris Bob Main Bill & Maggie Brown William James will win the following Majestic Wine described with aplomb by Henry Wisson.

@howardtravis or join the Fo Bs and get it mailed to you! Like the £500 holiday draw courtesy of Steve Parrott and Eagle Executive Travel and the weekend in Paris by Eurostar both of which are coming up shortly. Ospreys on Saturday with several future internationals on view. His rowing feat leaves Sir Steve Redgrave looking like a distinct lightweight. We were just about to score and three of them ran off with the ball and scored at the other end. Oh, its all so sad, but all good things come to an end, so lets have a beano and make it a day to remember. The Leeds match saw 5 members have an early go at next years £1,000 try competition. Great effort and it was tremendous to see the Blues Team leave their hotel en masse to greet the peloton and shake them, one by one, by the hand and then pose for photos with them. All in all it was a real Bedford-on- Sea weekend, with the team & the Pirates putting on a show of how they both play all season. We will naturally be keenly looking for those away days at Richmond, the cyclists will be hoping for a close one on the last away weekend, but particularly we will be looking for Penzance & Jersey.Just a reminder, especially for new joiners that our draws are eleven fold, and for home league matches only. Attendance is compulsory, bring a friend particularly if they're a girl, to take advantage of two for one entrance and because its Ladies Day. To put it in perspective, it took me 10hrs at 25 knots on a huge ship to get from Portsmouth, to a point off the Channel Islands, on my way to St Malo. Whilst our heroic Bedford Followers are everywhere, in constancy, on those dark Sundays in February, those awkward Friday evenings, and at the most distant geographic outposts; weekends such as Jersey, and Penzance at Easter seemingly produce a veritable community of Bedford Blues supporters. Mick Meadows & Bill Hulatt were successful with their choice of the prolific Dean Adamson. It seems a long time since the Pirates match brought the season to a conclusion in brilliant sunshine. Now many of us have been to Jersey several times, myself included.So your instructions are Please seek new members for the Fo B's and acquire spectacular prizes that attract new members. It kind of looked, dark, cold and very wet out there. At the top of the page rugby and Bedford Modern's Edgar Mobbs. Lots of good new players, lots of tries and exciting play, and lots of fun. It is uplifting, unifying and so enjoyable to be there. Once one of our best players and our captain now the Rotherham coach. Consolation prizes go to Mark Gibbons who will dine at the Bengal Brasserie and Dave Evans who will take grandson Rhys to Pizzeria Santaniello. Never has Penzance seen such an army of Blues fans; with a Saturday kick off and Easter weekend making it so appealing. You might fancy a change to your normal, in and out by plane method.Thank you to those Blues fans who sang Happy Birthday to my darling wife Wink, in the sun, sur la Terrace at the Boat House, St Aubin pre match. Sam, I can tell you, has already got, an "in principle" agreement from Duncan Taylor to be our guest next year. In previous years, in such circumstances, I have had ten members choosing a player to score, at the last but one match. Therefore the 16 people in the draw (17 if you count Barbara Dainton with two chances) will not be joined by anyone else. Instead I have drawn five members, as follows, and they will participate against YC and go into next years £1k draw if they are successful. Those winners are John Geary, Mark Gibbons, Dave Evans, Bill Hulatt and Mick Meadows. This Saturday, 3pm., is our chance to say a big Goldington Rd goodbye to Mike Howard and to thank him for 238 matches of effort, determination & no lack of skill in our boiler room.

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