Greek singles dating melbourne

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Having a 'just-Greek' personals site is a blessing just waiting to be taken advantage of.I was hesitent to sign-on at first, for obvious 'What-if-someone-recognizes-me' reasons, but that's the whole point: to meet people.Periodically we receive e-mails from Agape Online users with stories about the friendships and relationships that this service has allowed them to start.The following messages have been submitted by some of these Agape Online users.I flirted with the idea of emailing him, but decided against it.Days later I found myself going back to look at his picture, and decided to email him.Love certainly can overcome any obstacle or barrier. Disillusioned with relationships and resolved to spend my life alone, I searched Greek dating sites and came across Agape Online.

He responded 10 days later, thanking me, and saying that he was just looking to meet Greeks from all over.

It is to inform you that after ten months of email messages and ringing each other three times a day, my "Spartan Princess" travelled to Greece, met the parents visiting Greece and then travelled to Australia.

We have been together now for two months and we feel we have been together all our lives.

If it's any consolation, to those who are not sure, I have not regretted my decision to fall in love with Pete and relocate to Melbourne Australia.

Do not underestimate this 'new age' way of starting relationships.

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