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The programs were done very creatively and he did a good job. They did a program to "Vocalise" which Katia had also used with Sergei that was very moving; it seemed to be a tribute to Sergei.It was as if Sergei had visited her briefly in a dream though I don't think it was ever explained directly in this fashion.

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The following year they won the first of their four World Championships.ilia kulik daughter, pink panther ice cream bar locations...google foresters augusta membership: Randy Taylor BMX! canadianmensolympicfigureskater, Debi Thomas Husband Son Family. In the 31 competitions whose results are known at the senior and professional levels, they finished first 24 times, and never lower than second from the time they won their first senior world title.They are one of the few pair teams in history to successfully complete a quadruple twist lift in international competition.

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